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Over the years, Beijing Reclamation with their own advantages, clearly stated, “hold high the banner of agricultural character,” to create improved varieties of livestock and poultry industries of China’s first brand, the implementation of the “three docking” development strategy, Beijing Reclamation varieties of livestock and poultry industry has expanded rapidly and levels have been increasing rapidly, has become a highlight of the national land reclamation and aquaculture seeds across the country in the production, promotion and demonstration bases.

Currently, Beijing Reclamation has grown into the size of the country’s largest single outstanding production of Holstein cows and bull breeding base, with the country’s only state-level dairy cow embryos Engineering Research Center, Beijing has the country’s only duck species resources protection and improved varieties to promote breeding base, the Ministry of Agriculture has identified national pig breeding center and SPF pig production technology system.

According to China’s modern animal husbandry to promote the demand for high-quality kinds of livestock and poultry, Beijing reclamation of resources with their own characteristics and quality advantages of improved varieties, clearly stated that in the industrialization of livestock and poultry varieties development strategy. First, in order to kinds of industry as the core, which is the fundamental advantages of Beijing Reclamation. The good seed animals as the main line, a firm grip on, and constantly develop and access to the national seed market. The second is the implementation of “introducing and innovation, by extension of the connotation and extension of” two simultaneously making full use of the technology and the introduction of genes, combined with the advantages of existing resources, depth of primary innovation and practical innovation, and gradually establish an independent knowledge of property rights and proprietary technology, improved varieties of livestock and poultry breeding system; adhere to increase and expand the extension of meaning simultaneously, increasing the content of seed industry in the additional content based on the conduct industry outreach. The third is to seize the “three docking”, the first closely with universities and research institutes docking to promote the variety and technological innovation, stability and occupation of science and technology high ground; followed intensify the industrialization of agriculture and the suburbs of Beijing and the National Agricultural Industrialization docking to promote the kinds of industry, market, industrial expansion and seed industry outreach; and finally grasp kinds of industry, production and international practice docking with the international advanced level to produce improved varieties of livestock and genetic material, to enhance the competitiveness of seeds to maximize the satisfaction of building a modern China seeds for high-quality animal husbandry needs.


Improved varieties of livestock and poultry industries, as Beijing advantages of Reclamation, the improved varieties of livestock and poultry production enterprises to use technology, management, human resources and market advantages, vigorously implement the “going global” development strategy, achieved significant results. According to Beijing metropolitan characteristics of modern agriculture, as well as Beijing and Tianjin BoHai Sea economic circle of regional economic integration, development trends, Beijing.

Reclamation active industrial layout adjustment, expanding development space, the implementation of a series of “going global” development initiatives. In the “Tenth Five-Year” period, Zhangjiakou City, HeBei Province and Beijing Reclamation, ChengDe City, Qian’an city, Tianjin, Heilongjiang BaoQuanLing areas and, Tai’An, Shandong and other regions to carry out a wide range of economic and technical cooperation. Reclamation and the city of ChengDe Beijing actively approached to discuss about development in the dairy industry, pig industry, the beef industry and related industries to cooperate fully, so that Beijing reclamation seed production base of high-quality livestock and poultry to be strengthened and consolidated; and Heilongjiang Land Reclamation BaoQuanLing Council to the building of the original pig farm, feeding the basis of 600 sows, more than 5,000 years to promote high-quality pig head. Thus Beijing reclamation achievements of modern animal breeding techniques and radiation to the vast areas outside the suburbs of Beijing. These important initiatives, changes in the mode of growth for the Beijing Reclamation and expand space for development to achieve sustainable development laid a solid foundation.

The development of modern animal husbandry with the actual needs of the future, Beijing will continue to livestock varieties reclamation projects to the core and the main direction, and comprehensively promote and accelerate the upgrading of China’s seed industry, the level of livestock and poultry. Build a number of characteristics consistent with modern requirements for the development of modern livestock breeding base, the formation of self-breeding dairy cattle, pigs, Beijing duck-quality varieties (complete system) and the genetic material’s ability to meet our high quality of modern animal husbandry development seed needs, get rid of the long-term reliance on foreign imports of livestock and poultry varieties of the status quo. To further improve the livestock and poultry breeding, breeding technology innovation and high-quality livestock products, integrated system, extend the industrial chain, integrate resources and enhance the ability to withstand market risks, improve livestock and poultry varieties size of enterprise and industrial operations. The application of modern information and network technology, give full play to Beijing reclamation technology, human resources, management advantages, the establishment of a nationwide promotion of livestock and poultry breeding and technical service network to enhance the efficiency of improved varieties and technology to promote the quality of services to achieve the rapid expansion of coverage and improvement of seeds China’s animal genetic quality purposes.

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