Skechers Athletic Shoes Behind More of the Brands You Love Than You Know


Joel Henderson

Skechers has been around since the mid 1990’s. In fact the founder of the Skechers company was once on the board of directors for LA Gear. If you remember LA Gear, good luck finding a pair in any shoe stores today, but what you will find is the popularity of Skechers athletic shoes to be growing almost exponentially. Skechers started out mainly geared toward utility type boots and skate shoes, but quickly branched out into fashion and athletic shoes as well. Skechers athletic shoes can be found all over the world in a variety of specialty stores as well as Skechers brand retail stores.

Over the years Skechers has developed a wide range of styles and product lines for men, women, and kids, but their athletic shoes are by far the most successful. You might be surprised to find that some of your other favorite brand name sneakers are simply Skechers shoes rebranded for other companies – Unltd. by Marc Ecko, Rhino Red, Red by Marc Ecko, Zoo York, 310 Premium Footwear, BEBE SPORT, Punkrose, Public Royalty, and Mark Nason. But if you really like Skechers athletic shoes, they offer sneakers that are genuinely designed for hard training and other shoes more appropriate for casual every-day activity. Skechers has always been known for producing very high quality athletic shoes with a very reasonable price tag, but Skechers clearance items also include many of the most popular styles for significantly reduced prices.

If you are looking for a fantastic athletic shoe that wears great and cleans up easily too, then perhaps you should try out a pair of Skechers Energy athletic shoes. The Energy line has various sub-lines for men and women, and they’re all great for lots of walking while at work or for putting in a hard bout of cross training at the gym.


Skechers Heatwave sandals are one of the highest quality most comfortable sandal lines on the market. Although not necessarily an athletic shoe per se, heatwaves are great for all types of daily activity. With exceptionally durable and comfortable construction, heatwave sandals are sure to please.

Skechers also makes a great low cut boot slip on hybrid shoe designed for women’s casual wear. Skechers Shindigs sport a faux fur trim and interior for extreme comfort. The heavy tread add fantastic step absorption while adding more to the stylish appeal of the shoe.

Skechers has also pushed the boundary on what a work boot should look like as well. Skechers steel toe sneakers are great for those hard workers who require protection in the toe but would like to wear something other than a heavy work boot. Athletic look with work boot durability and protection, Skechers steel toe athletic shoes work well for everyone from paramedics to plumbers to heavy lifting warehouse workers.

One of the most innovative shoes to come along in a decade, Skechers Shape Ups provide an athletic workout all while doing just about anything on your feet. Skechers Shape Ups are designed to positively alter the way you walk in order to strengthen your posture, tone your calves and thighs, and improve circulation in the legs. These shoes are a great way to get in shape and stay there.

If you are in the market for a good pair of athletic shoes that won’t skimp on quality and wont lighten your pocket book, Skechers has the right shoe to fit your needs.

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