Before we begin explaining how to lose weight by drinking pu-erh tea, it’s important to note that pu-erh tea only enhances what you are already doing for your weight loss. That means that you need to be on a good diet and exercise regimen in order for the pu-erh tea to help you lose weight.

When to Drink Pu erh tea for Weight Loss

Drinking Puerh tea should be timely to get the best results, example the intake should be timed to maximize metabolism of fat. The right time to take a glass of Pu-erh tea for weight loss is at least one hour after a meal, this gives the Pu-erh tea time to remove excess grease and help the body eliminate hard to digest or unwanted fats.

If you drink the tea an hour before you eat a meal it may cause the opposite effect and you end up gaining weight because it clears up fat deposits in the body and any residue in the stomach thus increasing your appetite and causing you to eat more.

Another ideal approach is to drink Pu-erh tea throughout the day as your choice of tea without adding any other tea or drinks to your diet. This will get you most noticeable weight loss.

How to Brew Pu Erh Tea

  1. If using an yixing, pour hot water over it to pre-heat it. If using a gaiwan, fill it about halfway with hot water and tilt it a bit so that the water creeps up the side and then rotate it so the inside gets wet all the way around. Then pour the water out. Do the same for any tea cups.
  2. The amount of tea to use depends very much on personal tastes. As a good starting point, put around 2 teaspoonsof tea leaves in your gaiwan or yixing (assuming it holds 4 oz or 114 ml of water).
  3. Pour enough hot water into the vessel to just cover the leaves.
  4. Discard the water after 2 seconds. This will rinse the leaves. If you are using a ripe pu’er (see below for info), repeat this process one more time.
  5. Fill the gaiwan or yixing with hot water. The temperature should be around 95C (203F) for regular varieties and 85-90C (185-194F) for high-quality aged varieties.
  6. Place the lid on the vesseland let the tea steep for 20-30 seconds. Then pour the tea into the cup(s) for drinking.
  7. For each subsequent infusion, add 5-10 seconds to the steeping time. You can generally get more than 10 infusions out of pu-erh leaves. The higher quality the tea, the more infusions it will give you.