byAlma Abell

Car tinting in Jacksonville FL isn’t a luxury, it’s a commodity. With a record high temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit and an average humidity level of over 56 percent, this is one neck of the woods where sun protection is integral to daily life.

Because it’s so necessary, many men and women throughout northern Florida often make the decision to take matters into their own hands and try to save some cash by applying the tint on their own. However, as reported by everyone from auto enthusiasts to Angie’s List, this is one thing you absolutely do not want to make into a DIY project for a number of reasons.

  1. Legality. Did you know that there are laws designating how much you can and can’t tint your car windows? These regulations vary from state to state and even window to window—in Florida, your front side windows have to let in around 30 percent of visible light at minimum, while the rear and back side windows require a minimum of 15 percent. Professional tinting services will make sure that your car is tinted according to the law, but you can’t be certain a DIY tint application kit can offer the same guarantee.
  2. Paying for mistakes. While it may seem cheaper to apply the tint yourself, the fact of the matter is that you probably don’t have the training to get it right the first time and that can mean applying, removing and reapplying the film until you’ve spent more on mistakes than you would have with a professional application. Is it worth the risk?
  3. Guaranteed quality. Car tinting in Jacksonville FL is offered under a number of banners, but reputable services like Advanced Window Tinting are authorized 3M window film dealers, promising you the best tinting in the business, applied by professionals.

You may want to save money when you need new tint applied to your vehicle, but it’s important to remember that there are low-cost and high-quality options available that don’t require you spending hours trying to iron one bubble out of your rear window. Tinting is designed to offer you the care that you deserve while out in the sun, so offer your car the same courtesy and hire a professional.

Advanced Window Tinting offers some of the best car tinting in Jacksonville FL, with the added bonus of friendly professional employees and fair prices. Get an estimate today!