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The caravan, either the touring caravan or the static, can be a wonderful investment that gives you and your family many years of pleasurable holidaying. In order to make sure that you are paying the right money for the best investment, you need to know what to look for when viewing used touring caravans for sale, or completing a static caravans sale.

The first thing to think about, when you are looking at touring caravans, is the structural integrity of the axle. It s not uncommon for touring caravans to spend a large proportion of their life sitting on driveways or in fields so when you are looking at pre owned tourers you need first to be sure that they are still capable of being towed. Look for rust on the joins of the axle and towbar and check that the ball socket part of the tow hitch is working cleanly and well.


Used touring caravans for sale have a sliding scale of price ranges, like most vehicles. Anything under 1,000 is probably ready for its last owner and will require regular care and attention if you are intending to tow it all over the country. From 1,000 up to 2k or 3k will give you a very acceptable, slightly older but fully road ready vehicle. When you move up towards 5k and 10k, you are looking at pristine pre owned tourers that should work as well as they did when they first rolled off the showroom.

Static caravans sale are slightly different from the sale of touring caravans, in that you need to be aware of a whole different set of things to prepare for. First on any list of static caravan preparation points is the pitch. Statics are rarely sold with a pitch included, so you need to be sure that you have secured a place on which to site your van. Be sure to visit plenty of parks in the area of your choice before settling on your favourite. Once you have put your static in there, it could be on site for 10 or 15 years, so you want to be sure you get on with the owners and enjoy the surroundings.

Whether you choose used touring caravans for sale or static caravan sales depends very much on what you want. It is possible to get a static caravan for around 1,000, which is perfectly serviceable and will give you several family summer holidays. Bear in mind, though, that a van at this price is likely to be reaching the end of its useful life and probably won t survive being moved regularly. It also won t be winterised, so you will only want to use it during warm weather.

Touring caravans are ideal for families that like to go to different places every year on their holidays. Static caravans sale are for people who know places they like and want to go there all the time. If you prefer to become a part of a community, think about a static.

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