How To Effectively Organize Your Design Portfolio

By mYCZNbxh On April 24th, 2018

How To Effectively Organize Your Design Portfolio


Jenna Rivers

To any designer, having an attractive portfolio is important. The subsequent are tips that you can use so that you can have an effective portfolio.

All of us would want to show our best foot forward especially when we show our work. If you are trying to make your own portfolio, the choice of samples of your work matters a lot. Don’t add a sample that you are not proud of. If you created a four-color themed brochure, if possible, show actual samples rather than a laser printed sample of your work. You need to be real.

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Another thing is, oftentimes, the color that comes out from the offset printer is different from a printout made from the desktop. That is because the desktop printing blends the RGB colors outright while in offset printing, the colors are printed separately (ex. print the blue ink, let dry, print the red ink, let dry etc.) If your work involves some printed publication like a magazine or a newspaper, be sure to acquire multiple copies of the original publication.

Take the page out. Make sure it’s neat. If you can’t get a hold of the original copy, then you can make colored copies of the originally published pieces. Or use a laser printer in printing them. However, don’t bring the actually thing if your design involves large scale printing like billboards. You will look foolish.

You can take a picture of the real thing using a DSLR camera. You can do this for works that you have done that have odd shapes are that are too large. You can have digital files of tiny print outs of those that you have worked on. If you have worked on certain web designs and others that were not on print, then take screen shots and print it but the resolution may not be that accurate, just add a CD of the web page. If you have produced logos for companies, having print outs of those logos is a great idea since it can be a special graphics that will imply that those are your work and you have all the authentic files. If you do this, make sure that they have high resolutions.

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How To Install A Aftermarket Radio In Chrysler Pt Cruiser}

By mYCZNbxh On February 26th, 2018

Submitted by: Jack Wylde

The installation instructions called to mate the Scosche CR02B wire harness adapter to the Jensen harness using solder and heat shrink. Now, I have access to that stuff, but what a pain. So I went to Radio Shack and bought a 274-680 and made the connection using only a screw driver. This Chrysler install package kit will allow installation of a Single din radio in the PT Cruiser. It is designed to have a factory fit and finish. This radio kit is designed with the consumer in mind and comes with a very comprehensive manual with full instructions for installing a radio in your Chrysler.

oHigh grade ABS plastic.

oComprehensive instruction manual.

oAll necessary hardware to install.

oAn aftermarket radio Recessed Din Mount.

oSpecial design accommodates DIN, DIN pullout, and removal able face DIN radios.

oDesigned to Bolt precisely to OEM radio mounting positions.

This harness will keep your factory speakers working so you wont have to re-wire.

Also included in this package is the Chrysler Antenna adapter which allows you to use your factory AM/FM Antenna with your new radio.

It adapts the small antenna to the big found in all aftermarket radios.

What We Need:

replacement stereo

wiring adapter kit

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wire crimps

electrical tape

wire cutters

crimping tool


Installation Steps for radio in PT Cruiser

If you are installing a PT Cruiser radio with an iPod jack, be sure to pick up a patch cord, too.

?In most vehicles you will have to work your way toward the PT Cruiser radio by removing trim panels.

?If you have a repair manual, check to see what’s involved in removing the PT Cruiser radio in your vehicle.

?You may be surprised at how many panels need to be removed to get to the radio, but keep at it.

?The trim panels will be held on by screws for the most part.

?Some of the screws may not be as obvious or visible as others.

?Also, some pieces may be attached using a type of push-screw which is simply pulled out of its socket.

?After you have removed all of the trim surrounding the stereo, you’ll remove the old stereo as an assembly, a unit that includes the stereo itself and a mounting bracket.

?You might have a coin tray underneath the stereo that will come out at the same time.

?With the bracket assembly out, you need to remove the old radio from it.

?It will be held together by a set of screws, usually in the side of the unit. Remove these screws and the old stereo should slide right out.

?If your stereo sits atop a coin tray, you may or may not have to remove the tray at the same time.

?Don’t worry if you take it off and then realize you didn’t have to. As long as you don’t break anything it’ll go back with ease.

?You might ask yourself, how do I plug my mp3 player into my PT? Easy.

?Don’t screw the new radio into the bracket just yet. It’s time to start the wiring process.

?Since you were smart (weren’t you?!) and purchased the wiring adapter with your radio, all you have to do is connect the new stereo’s wiring harness to the adapter, and it’s plug-and-play.

?To connect the stereo’s harness to your adapter, you’ll need to strip the wires and crimp the connections.

?Never install a new radio using only electrical tape or those twist-on type connectors used in house wiring. These aren’t acceptable or safe ways to keep automotive wiring in place.

?You can ground the radio by finding a screw under there to attach this wire to.

?If your PT is like most and has a ground wire for the radio already, just cut the connector off and crimp it to the adapter harness.

?Once you have all of your electrical connections made, go ahead and plug the adapter into the car’s wiring harness.

? Then plug the radio itself in for a test run. It may seem silly, but the worst time to find out about a wiring issue is after you have re-installed all of those trim panels!

?The radio works. Now all you need to do is put the new stereo into the bracket. It should have holes in the side just like your old unit did.

? Use the screws that came with the new radio, they will be correctly sized.

?Once it’s in, snap the trim plate onto the outside.

?You need to do is plug the wiring harness back into the radio and put the assembly back into place.

? Before you shove everything in, try to arrange the wires so that they won’t be crimped by anything when you push the new radio into the hole.

?If you do, you might be rewarded with an extra percussion section inside your PT as all of those panels start to vibrate!

A word about the radio installation kit you are about to install. There are many manufacturers of radio installation kits for this vehicle. Each manufacturer produces slightly different variations of the same kit, and a few make individual kits for specific vehicles. The pictured installation kit shown in the illustrations below is a standard kit used for many. Radio installation kits change with the model and years of production of the vehicle. When selecting a kit for this vehicle, make sure the kit you purchase states on the package the installation kit will work with your vehicle model and year. Some kits may require additional setup. Certain kits may be multi function kits designed to work with multiple vehicles and may require the installer to remove break away screw mounting tabs attached to the kit that are not required for your particular vehicle.

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Mobile And Internet Advertising Set To Boom}

By mYCZNbxh On September 30th, 2017

Mobile and internet advertising set to boom



Mobile advertising is the form of advertising using mobile phones or using other mobile devices. Mobile advertising is a part of mobile marketing. Mobile advertising is closely related to online advertising or internet advertising. Mobile advertising involves displaying text, graphic image and animated ads on data enabled mobile devices. The worlds wireless infrastructure is moving in the right direction, and the catalog required attracting mobile advertisers increasing. There are different ways of advertising on mobile phones, like SMS, calls, MMS, blue tooth, internet gaming, screensaver or wallpaper logos.

The current mobile advertising India, on the other hand, is estimated to be just Rs 0.6 crore. It includes broadcast SMS, brand jingles as caller ring back tones (CRBT), product placements in mobile phone games and banner advertisements on Internet-accessed through mobile phones. India’s online advertising is expected to reach an inflection point by 2009-end – a time when mobile advertising is predicted to grow at a roasting speed. Mobile advertising is going in a slow but fixed pace. The reason is that marketing people and consumers have to understand the benefits and the technology has to be sold at a low price. Mobile advertising as a product to mobile marketers is also somewhat upsetting: There are a lot of new concepts for marketers to learn.

However, its said that there is more of talking then action in mobile marketing.

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Mobile advertising grows bigger than any other form of digital advertising or internet advertising.

The number of people that uses mobile increasing rapidly.

Chances of seeing an ad in mobile is higher using SMS or MMS or WAO Applications.

The response rate is higher on mobile as compared to other advertising devices.

Advertisers can arrive at their target audience more accurately.

The biggest challenge for mobile advertising India or internet advertising now is educating the system that mobile is not the same as the Internet, bcoz of the advanced functionality of phones and networks.

Mobile advertising and internet advertising has gone away from the testing stage by brands, which now see it as a reasonable option for the promotional dollars, says Laura Marriott, executive director of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). The operators have played a vital role in helping the association develop guidelines for internet advertising India or mobile advertising India. Over the past few years mobile advertising has become a reasonable advertising channel. This is due to the fact that unlike email over the public internet, the carriers who control their own networks have set guidelines and best practices for the mobile advertising industry (including mobile marketing). The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and the Mobile Marketing Association, as well, has established guidelines regarding the use of the mobile channel for marketers. No doubt internet advertising India is going to be the worlds toppest advertising techniques within couple of years.

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