Submitted by: Whitney R Bingham

1 Utilize both a personal profile and a business page. I recommend all agents use both a personal profile and create a great business page. Each has its own set of advantages. With your personal profile you will generally be able to generate a lot more followers since they feel less pressure to be your friend than to become a follower. You also can only join Facebook groups from your personal profile but more on that in a minute. Because personal profiles are what most agents are familiar with I see them just wanting to stick with that; however, a business page as really great advantages for marketing on Facebook. Only on a business page does Facebook keep track of your analytics-meaning, tracking the number of people that were reached by your post and the exact demographics of who they are. A business page is also a must if you are planning to run any type of Facebook ads, no matter how far in the future.

2 Provide meaningful and useful information. There are so many services out there that you can subscribe to that will generate content for you and post it to your page. It would almost be better to just write social media off than use this as a strategy. When you are a part of a service that is posting the same content to thousands of other agents pages that is the same as yours how are you really setting yourself apart? You want your posts and all content to be relative, be informative, and be locally minded. You want to provide content that gives a snapshot of who you are and why you are different than another agent in the area. Also people arent really as interested in seeing weekly market stats as they are in what fun things are going on in the area. Remember Facebook is a social network and your content needs to feel social.


3 Increase your reach organically. Now that you have set up a Facebook business page for yourself you can start to see actual numbers of how many people are seeing your posts. DONT GET DISCOURAGED WHEN THE NUMBERS ARENT IN THE 1000S. You have to build and nurture a following. I can admit that when you spend an hour crafting the perfect post about curb appeal and it is only seen by 6 people it can be a little deflating but no worries. Spread your posts from your business page to increase the reach and generate more followers to your page. Share your post onto your personal timeline; this way everyone this way everyone that is ok with being your friend but not necessarily your follower will see what you are offering. Also share your posts into groups where it is appropriate. This really becomes powerful when you have a specific niche you are working with. For example, if you love to work with VA buyers creating a post about some additional assistance programs or a special you are offering and sharing that into a local veterans support group can put you right in touch with the EXACT people you want to be working with!!

3.5 Another great way to increase your reach in a post is tagging. Tagging is when you add other people to the post in a way that it will show up on their timelines and possibly in the news feeds of their friends. Dont just start tagging everyone you know to increase your reach, be very thoughtful of who you are tagging and why. If you post about a community event or share a picture from a chamber meeting it is appropriate to tag the people who were with you at the event or are in the picture. It is also a great idea when you are posting about a new listing you have to tag the homeowners and others who may be interested. I have seen several times listings that get amazing reach because they are being shared by others in the neighborhood who want to promote a nice family they know to move in there.

4 Be authentic. The people who do the best on social media have a good mix of who they are and what they do. No one will engage with 72 posts in a row on how you can sell their home; however, when you are putting up pictures, events, and small snippets into who you are and why they would want to work with you. Then the posts where you are promoting will be well received and seen by many more followers. Remember, people are on Facebook to experience other people not to be sold to. Keep in mind why they keep coming back, give them what they want, and watch your business build from Facebook.

About the Author: Whitney Bingham is a Facebook marketing teacher who has helped business owners and marketers to build their business using Facebook.


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