By James Copper

Do you have an interest in electronics? Are you good with electrical appliances? Why not train to be an electrician?

Electricity is a huge part of everyday life and we could not live without it. Being an electrician will involve you in this important part of life. There is a high demand for electrical appliances and other electrics in society and therefore there is a very positive career prospect for electricians. This demand will most probably continue to increase with the advancements being made in regards to technology. There are many tasks involved in being an electrician and these include; repairing appliances, installing products, and connecting and maintaining electrical systems. These tasks will involve you working in many locations and on a variety of construction sites. Like any job, being an electrician has risks. These can range from electric shocks, to falls and cuts and you must know how to prevent these from occurring and how to deal with them if accidents happen.

In order to learn all the skills required to be an electrician and obtain all the awareness of health and safety you will need to attend an electrician school that will to do a proper training program.


Most people interested in training to be an electrician begin by doing an apprenticeship which mixes work based learning with classroom learning. In order to do an apprenticeship most schools will require you to be at least 18 years old and have a good school education. Although the most popular route to becoming an electrician is to do an apprenticeship, some people also like to fully train in an electrician school first before they look for a job. Once the initial training to become an electrician has been completed you will need to maintain the skills you have learned. A possible way of doing this is by taking part in extra programs to keep refreshing your mind and learning new elements of the trade.

When deciding whether or not to embark on a career as an electrician you may wonder if you are right for the job. A good electrician is someone with good hand-eye coordination, good balance and someone who is physically fit. It will also help you throughout your profession if you are good at problem solving and are able to distinguish between different colours.

The work available for the an electrician who works on construction sites, rather than directly with specific appliances, is very much dependant on the number of houses and buildings that are being produced at the time. If there are less being built then there will be less opportunities for work for these types of electricians.

The pay for an electrician is very reasonable, with an apprentice electrician starting at approximately $25,000 per year. A fully trained electrician can earn $46,000 or more per year. These salaries may change depending on the company that employs you and how well the economy is doing.

So, if you have the qualities required to become an electrician and are keen to learn the skills and techniques needed then go ahead and find a good training program for you and get started on your new career.

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