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The decision to undergo any kind of plastic surgery is a very important and delicate one for any individual. Plastic surgery is a serious undertaking and one that shouldn\’t be undertaken without serious consideration. There are no guarantees as to eventual outcome, as with any type of medical procedure. Rhinoplasty- a very common medical procedure generally used to reshape various parts of our body like nose or lips etc- is one of the most accepted plastic surgeries performed all over. Rhinoplasty is a procedure that has been widely used to reshape the nose in particular. It can make a narrow nose wider, a wide nose narrower and so on. The fact remains that we all want to look great and want to present ourselves with the best physical postures but god has not sent all with the most gifted physical postures. Hence arises the need to undergo some medical process in order to make ourselves more physically alluring in the eyes of the watcher. Rhinoplasty can also be beneficial for those having breathing troubles due to a fractured nose.

See, there is nothing wrong in wanting to look better but to dream to become a Madonna or a Jenifer Aniston overnight is like a daydream! Beauty is more with your inward considerations and not just a mere physical presence. We all just can t afford to look like angels and therefore we mustn t expect too much from any plastic surgery! In order to get the best results from any such operation first you need to take advice from an experienced medical practitioner who knows exactly what you need. But be pragmatic when you talk to your plastic surgeon. Don\’t expect perfection; rather expect improvements within reason.

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are well known for their impeccable assessment and case handlings. Still when you are deciding to commit some sort of plastic surgery on your body it is always advisable to check all important aspects before cashing on to the final doctor. Keeping the following things in your mind can help you get rid of various risks associated with rhinoplasty:


1. Is the practice of your doctor entirely focused on rhinoplasty?

2. Can the surgeon perform a septoplasty? While this seems like a trivial thing to ask in a surgeon, rhinoplasty is no longer a one stop cookie cutter type of procedure rather it involves numerous delicate reshaping of tissues which typically but not always requires cartilage support.

3. How does the surgeon take photographs? The nose is a complex three dimensional structure and thus requires special equipment to truly capture and analyze it.

4. Has the surgeon ever written anything on the topic of rhinoplasty or

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in any of the scientific literature? Working on human skin is truly an expression of art and science the doctor s sense of aesthetics is a worth considering matter here.

5. Does the surgeon teach at any academic institution? Having an academic affiliation not only is a sign of prestige but allows patients to know that the surgeon is participating in advances and advancing the field of plastic surgery.

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