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By Will Dyke

There are many different substrates to choose from when building a shed, such as metal, concrete products, vinyl and my favorite, wood. Metal can be good but is not a good insulator and metal buildings get very hot compared to wood built structures. Wood in my opinion looks far better than all other materials and you have many choices when working with wood. I suggest using cedar for your outdoor wood, as it will never rot and termites do not like it. Also wood is an organic material that just seems to be more proper for a garden shed. Wood can be sealed and painted to last for many years and is more easily repaired that other materials. It is also the easiest by far to work with, especially for the new do it yourself-er.

Your garden shed will help you to keep a better garden, remember organization is the one of the keys of success. You can keep all of your yard tools and gardening stuff in its place and out of your garage, or side of your house. Remember most garden sheds are usually not insulated or climate controlled so you shouldn’t keep climate sensitive things in it, like grandma’s antiques. Just make sure to build a big enough shed for your needs.

A shed can be a place of relaxation and it will reward you for your efforts. It will be a place to become one with your garden plants and can be a place for you to get away from everything. You can also hang some plants in your garden shed to keep it more inviting as you go to work in it. Many people are growing plants indoors with the use of lights. This can provide you with year round vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Just make sure your garden shed has electricity if you plan on growing indoors. Also a skylight installed in the shed would be a good idea, the more light the better. Always keep a fire extinguisher in the garden shed in case you need it, you never know.

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Make sure to keep all bulbs, seeds, and such in sealed containers so they are out of harm’s way. Nothing like getting weevils in your seeds! You can also keep an electronic pest control device in the garden shed, they do work, just give them a couple of weeks and you won’t see any mice or rats! Lastly keep in mind that your garden shed will make your garden complete and will look nice in your yard. It will increase your property value and help sell your house if you ever put it on the market.

I have found myself spending many hours in mine and it has given me and my wife great pleasure. It makes gardening more enjoyable and is also a good place for the dog to hang out when the weather is bad. I put a pet door in so she can go in and out as she pleases! I hope you have enjoyed this article and now know why a wooden garden shed is a great choice when building your shed.

Will Dyke

‘Remember, always measure twice and cut once’

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