Things happen in a relationship and one of the partners wants to end it, but the other does not. If your boyfriend broke up with you it is you that does not want your relationship to end. But what can you do when your ex says he doesn’t love you anymore? How can you win back the man you love? The answer to those questions is much more simple than you might think.

Whether the breakup was caused by a small spat that got out of hand or something larger, you must have faith you can win back the man you love. As far as him not loving you anymore, that is probably not true. Love does not die easily and to get him back could be just a matter of making him realize he is still in love with you.

To make your ex boyfriend realize he is still in love with you, you need to understand the way men and women fall in love. Women fall in love by having the man close to them, but men fall in love when they are at a distance from the woman they love. Just like all men, your ex boyfriend has a gene that will make him desire you more every day he is without you.


That is why it is important for you to cut off all contact with your guy and seem to be moving on. To better understand how this works, you only need to look at what made him fall in love with you to begin with. Your ex boyfriend was attracted by your physical appearance and intrigued by your personality, it’s true. But what made him have an unstoppable desire for you was, he thought you were not interested in him.

Your ex boyfriend, like all other men cannot stand to be ignored, it hurts their pride and ego. It becomes worse when it is an ex girlfriend that is ignoring him. So, to make him realize he loves you, do what you did to get him at the beginning. Pretend to not care for him anymore. Find other interest and act as if he does not exist.

Being without you will cause something else to happen to your ex boyfriend. Just like everyone else, he has a nostalgia gene that makes him remember and yearn for the good times he once had. Seeing you going on with your life and apparently enjoying every minute will make him remember the good times he had with you. The more he thinks the more he will yearn to have those times back.

When he starts to remember the good in your relationship, the cause of he breakup will begin to fade away. This is when your ex boyfriend will realize he is still in love with you and want you back. All of this might seem too simple, but sometimes all it takes to win back the man you loveis to make him miss you.

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