Special offer of Mini Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headset + IPhone 6 Plus by Chris CuiThe listing of Apple’s first smart watch brings Apple fans and users some different experience during movement and exercising. As the using gone, someone began to study how to use of this watch’s all kinds of function without matching an iPhone, Such as Apple Watch will be connected to the Bluetooth speaker / Bluetooth headset, to achieve in the process of running without carrying iPhone it can also play music. We can only through the Apple Watch comes with the Music application for song import work, therefore, the premise to achieve independent music is the first music must be imported from iTunes into the iPhone’s Music application. Create a playlist on your iPhone and import your favorite songs. This step can also be done on the iTunes PC side, depending on your personal situation. Open the iPhone Watch app on the iPhone, select Music> Sync List, select the list of music you want to sync, copy the music from the list to Apple Watch, and you can also view the iPhone’s control of Apple Watch music storage. Under normal circumstances, the playlist music capacity limit is 1GB by default, up to 2GB, and the used space show below the iPhone. In addition, when the selected iPhone-side playlist songs are updated, Apple Watch will also sync updates. It should be noted that, because Apple Watch cannot use its own speakers to play, so when the Bluetooth headset is not open, it will remind you to choose a receiving device.After the above preparations are completed, we can officially start. First, set the iPhone to fly mode and make sure it is completely disconnected from Apple Watch. Open the Bluetooth speaker / Bluetooth headset and set it to the finding status. And then enter the Apple Watch settings> Bluetooth> device to see if you can search the Bluetooth devices. If you search, click on the name will be able to connect. Into the Apple Watch’s Music App, we will find “cannot use the iPhone’s music library” tips. At this time, we need to follow the prompts to use Force touch, regardless of which music source can be selected, because Apple Watch has become an independent Bluetooth music player, regardless of whether the iPhone can be free to play around. From last year’s Airpods brought a burst of “true wireless” boom, it is still swept the entire Bluetooth industry, as a large number of manufacturers influx of development, and until today, the market also failed to have a really “true wireless” Bluetooth headset, and wearing a poor experience, no sound quality, like cannot be used during movement all kinds of tasteless together to wait for being solved. Until the emergence of Mini Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headset, using a dual 6mm custom unit, and Nano-diaphragm, with Bluetooth latest version 4.2 chip, so that the overall sound quality has been greatly improved, has been able to replace the wired headset, as your main Headset, and really solve the common problem that real wireless headset sound quality is not good.Obviously iPhone 6 Plus design is consistent on iPhone 6, as producing process continues Apple’s high standards. And the different from previous generations is, compared to the previous generations of iPhone with corners and edges, iPhone 6 plus from the edge of the screen to the border is curved design. Outside glass and the border is very compact, the convergence of the two places looks too much naturally, more like a uni-body integrated design. It changed the design style of the past, but also makes the phone is very smooth, not easy to control. You may see iPhone 6 Plus reminiscent of the iPad mini, especially the side of the latter is also curved design. The same iPhone 6 Plus also needs to bed operated with two hands. If you want to single-handed mode, then pat two times on Home key (not press down), the display will move down about half the size. iPhone 6 Plus on design appears the problem that screen area rate is too low. Not only the fuselage area is larger, but also lead to the fuselage is too long, take in the hands of the top-heavy feeling. At the same time, iPhone 6 Plus highlights the camera, thick white and three-stage design, resulting in the lack of beauty on the back of the fuselage.But above these weaknesses are not important compared to more powerful performance. In the display, iPhone 6 Plus is amazing. It is the iPhone of the highest screen resolution (up to 401ppi), the screen is very sharp, and has a polarizer inside, look more clearly in the sun. While it compared to the previous generation, with a wider perspective, better color reproduction Degree and contrast. With the arc screen, feel the pixels are painted on the screen. On screen material, iPhone 6 Plus is used with the previous generation of the same material glass front panel, rather than previously from rumors glass screen that will not scratch the sapphire. But the difference is that the use of the 2.5D curved edge of the screen to match the fuselage shape, different from the previous generation of Founder modeling.At present, Mini Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headset Earphone Stereo In-Ear Earpiece + IPhone 6 Plus 16GB Smartphone Silver is special offered for sale for upcoming China National Day at total price only 424.96USD from Cell Phone Age com. Article Source: eArticlesOnline.com