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You may have heard that Philips Lighting is the leader in digital projection lighting, but do you know why? It is simple economics: Philips has spent millions in R&D to produce the best lamps and ballasts for your projection television. There is no real competition.

Because stable and sustained lamp operation is crucial in projection applications such as DLP, LCD projection, and front projection systems, Philips UHP lamps are designed in combination with the ignition system, in close cooperation with television and projection manufacturers. This process enables coordinated lamp and driver development and results in extremely innovative and reliable lighting solutions.

When purchasing a replacement lamp product for your television, there are many things to consider such as cost, color, clarity, reliability, longevity, and luminance. With a Philips lamp, you got the best performance for your buck.


The costs are coming down on these products. A new Philips E23h type lamp would have cost $200.00 USD just three years ago. Today, we find the Philips E23h as low as $129.99 USD. Cost isnt as much of an issue these days since all lamp retailers have driven the prices down. What really matters when youre looking at cost is the actual sellers customer service and technical support. If a company isnt able to provide some sort of technical support, then they arent doing you a service by selling you a lamp since support usually comes from another third-party dealer like a repair shop.

Aside from costs, color and clarity come into play. As UHP lamps are used primarily as a light source, the color and clarity is controlled by the light engine system. That doesnt mean, however, that the light color isnt important. You need sustained white light, as bright as the sun. With the mercury vapor lamps made by Philips, theres maximum efficiency and brilliant color associated with your television pictureand for good reason. Their lamp design may look simple, but the chemical makeup and engineering of the lighting element inside the lamp is extremely important. Only the right chemical mixture will produce this vibrant light that will give your television or projector the best possible picture.

Reliability, longevity, and luminance go hand-in-hand. The more reliable the lamp, the longer it will last. And typically, the more reliable and longer lasting the lamp is, the brighter it stays. A Philips brand lamp is made with reliability and sustainability in mind. From day one, youll have the brightest picture until the day it starts to die. This is usually about 7,000 hours or more, making Philips the gold-standard when it comes to digital projection lighting.

Compared with generic makers of the lamp, Philips has them beat. Philips Lighting manufacturers their lighting elements in Europe and ships them for assembly with the bell-shaped reflectors in China. This has given rise to the number of copy lamps out there, and even cheap forgeries, so knowing your supplier is crucial. Only authorized Philips distributors should be trusted.

These days, there are tons of copy lamps, generic manufacturers, and third-parties that almost comes close to the quality of the Philips lamp, but in most cases, Philips is still the best brand on the market, and will continue to be. They are a leader in home theater lighting, digital projection lighting, and energy saving lamps. Their process and design is unmatched.

When looking to purchase digital projection lighting, look no further because Philips is the brand of choice for manufacturers. Trust the brand that invented the technology and continues to pour money into research and development of newer, better, more environmentally sound products like UHP lamps.

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