World’s biggest polluters won’t cut back on fossil fuel

World’s biggest polluters won’t cut back on fossil fuel
By mYCZNbxh On December 10th, 2017

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Six of the world’s major polluters, who participated in this week’s Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate (AP6 or APPCDC), have launched a multi-million dollar fund to develop clean-energy, but stressed they will be heavily reliant on polluting fossil-fuels for generations to come.

Green groups, labelling the talks a sham, have condemned the climate talks which were held in Sydney, Australia as a “coal and nuclear pact” between the big polluters and fossil-fuel firms. Australian climate change observers have attacked the AP6 outcomes as grossly irresponsible, saying the Federal Government is willing to accept the reality of runaway climate change.

A communique released by the AP6 states: “We recognise that fossil fuels underpin our economies, and will be an enduring reality for our lifetimes and beyond” – the document said. Green groups say the pact has missed a vital opportunity to commit to renewable energy sources. They say the two-day meeting failed to make any serious commitments in combatting global warming.

Combined, the United States, China, Japan, India, South Korea and Australia, account for around half the globe’s greenhouse gases. The six countries set up the summit as an ulterior method of tackling global warming outside the Kyoto Protocol by, they say, focussing on “clean-energy technology.”

Nuclear Power, clean coal technologies, geosequestration and industry-driven environment funds were some of the proposals raised at the summit. Unlike the Kyoto Protocol the six nations have not set any targets to cut greenhouse gases.

Climate change observers have broadly criticised the AP6 as a waste of time. Australian Climate Institute’s Clive Hamilton says the meeting did little to cut greenhouse gas emissions. “I think really this conference is about trying to protect the long-term future of the coal industry,” he said. “If you look at the sort of business people who have a seat at the table at the conference in Sydney, they overwhelmingly represent the polluting industries rather than those that will at some time in the future replace them – the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries.”

CSIRO chief scientist Dr David Brockway says the technology required to reduce greenhouse emissions is not viable for industry.

“It has to be borne in mind that anything we are going to do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and intensity from the Australian economy will come at a cost,” he said. “What we are doing at the moment is doing research to try and reduce the size of that additional cost. I would say in a five to 10 year timeframe a number of these technologies will become viable.”

An AP6 communique issued at the end of the conference said reductions in greenhouse gases must be achieved without hindering economic growth – “the partnership aims to mobilise domestic and foreign investment into clean and low-emission technology by fostering the best possible enabling environments,” it states. Some of the world’s big mining and energy firms attended the talks and pledged to improve efficiency.

Green groups, who were left out of the conference, say the talks were aimed at subverting Kyoto – which obligates some 40 developed countries to cut greenhouse emissions by 5 percent below 1990 levels during 2008-2012. “Basically, they haven’t agreed to do anything in terms of serious commitment,” said Monash University climate change expert Professor Amanda Lynch. The United States and Australia refuse to sign Kyoto claiming its mandatory greenhouse gas cuts would threaten economic growth.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard said, “experience has taught us that seeking arbitrary targets doesn’t result in achieving practical solutions to global climate change.” Mr Howard stressed the importance of maintaining economic growth to alleviate poverty, while cutting greenhouse emissions.

He said the summit had injected “an overdue dose of realism into the debate about climate change. We believe it is possible to tackle issues of greenhouse gas emissions and the challenge of climate change without reducing living standards,” he said. “The world will go on using fossil fuels for many years into the future because it’s more economic to do so. So therefore it’s elementary commonsense that you should try and make the use of fossil fuels more greenhouse gas sensitive, you should try and clean up the use of fossil fuel,” he said.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have dismissed Mr Howard’s comments as misleading and irresponsible. The WWF’s chief executive Greg Bourne said, “in my whole business career, I have never seen a more misleading public statement as that… If the statements made today become a reality, this will lock us in to a four-degree rise in global average temperatures, when two-degrees is considered extremely dangerous,” he said. “There couldn’t be anything more irresponsible than to knowingly embark on a path towards massive increases in emissions and runaway global warming.”

The AP6 nations said in the final communique that the eight public/private partnership taskforces created at the conference, will draw up action plans by the middle of 2006 on issues including renewable energy, power generation, cleaner fossil fuels and coal mining.

Environmentalists said the Sydney pact was doomed to fail because it did not impose targets on its members which comprise nearly half of humanity. The New South Wales Nature Conservation Council said the group’s voluntary approach was a “licence for government and business to do nothing”. “Without any incentives or penalties there is no reason for industry to move away from burning polluting coal and oil,” said the council’s Cate Faehrmann.

The AP6 countries encompass: 49 per cent of world GDP; 48 per cent of the world energy consumption; 48 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions; and 45 per cent of the world’s population.

Many scientists say global warming is melting glaciers, raising sea levels and will cause more intense storms, droughts and floods. Current levels of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere are higher now than at any time in the past 650,000 years, research from Antarctic ice cores shows.

NASA considers continuing shuttle use after 2010

NASA considers continuing shuttle use after 2010
By mYCZNbxh On December 9th, 2017

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Michael Griffin, administrator of the American space agency, NASA has ordered a study into considering the possibility of continuing the usage of the Space Shuttle, a space vehicle that takes astronauts to the International Space Station. The agency originally planned to retire all shuttles in 2010 after mission STS-134, but concerns over staff job losses that were created by the Space Shuttle program caused Griffin to order the study. The space crafts have been in use since 1981 and it’s replacements, the Ares rockets, will not be in use until 2015 causing a 5 year gap where NASA will have no manned space flights, which is the reason the agency is considering extending usage for five more years, when the vehicles can be immediately replaced by their successors.

We want to focus on helping bridge the gap of U.S. vehicles traveling to the ISS (International Space Station) as efficiently as possible.

The news came from a leaked email which was obtained from the Los Angeles Times. NASA officials have confirmed the email’s authenticity, but have stated that it is too early to decide whether or not the shuttle use will continue.

Griffin has originally been against the continuation of the shuttle, as it would damage the funding of Project Constellation, a project that involves sending astronauts to the Moon and Mars.

If NASA chooses not to continue the space shuttle, they would rely on the Russian Federal Space Agency and their Soyuz space vehicles in the five year gap of no American space flights. To do this, they would have to purchase seats on Soyuz missions. However, because of the recent events that have transpired over the Georgia conflict, US and Russian relations have been damaged, so it is believed unwise to work with the Russian agency.

A leak at the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing facility on Cumbrian coast, England

A leak at the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing facility on Cumbrian coast, England
By mYCZNbxh On December 9th, 2017

Monday, May 9, 2005

At the Sellafield reprocessing plant, a leak in the process was spotted on April 19. The leak did not cause danger to people or the environment but it disturbed the normal operation of the plant.

Workers at the plant noticed a discrepancy in the amount of material being reprocessed that enters pipes that lead to a set of centrifuges and the amount of material actually arriving at the centrifuges. They used remote cameras to find the crack where the material was escaping; over twenty tonnes have leaked into a steel lined chamber.

The material, consisting of mostly uranium and some plutonium dissolved in nitric acid, would have been reprocessed in the centrifuges. The large stainless steel chamber that now contains the spilled material is too dangerous to enter due to radioactivity, though it poses no danger to those inside or outside the plant.

The plant has been shut down pending repairs.

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Heavy Duty Forklift Attachment Buckets}

By mYCZNbxh On December 9th, 2017

Submitted by: Camille Howe

Fork Lift Attachments Include Quick Tach & Universal Fit Forklift Buckets.

As companies look to recession proof their operations and reduce overhead, unnecessary equipment purchases and rentals are the first things to be removed from next quarters purchase order. Loaders have become a cumbersome expense to most construction companies, who are beginning to realize the cost effectiveness and true versatility offered by forklift buckets. For less than it cost to rent a loader for two months, you can purchase a forklift bucket that transforms your extendable reach forklift into a material handling and loading device with greater range than standard loaders and far more adaptability to a number of mission critical applications. Everything from dumping trash into a dumpster blocked by debris piles to placing gravel on a large, flat rooftop can be quickly, safely, and be safely and quickly accomplished.

Forklift buckets are commonly divided into two categories: quick tach and universal fit (slip on the forks), described in detail below.

Quick-Tach Buckets

YouTube Preview Image

These models are designed for “extendable-reach” forklifts and allow you to place material far beyond the reach of a loader. A heavy duty hardened beveled cutting blade on both the sides and the leading edge provides durability, strength, and resistance to wear and tear. Quick-tack fork lift buckets are reinforced by scuff bars along the bottom of the unit that shield it from abrasive wear. They can be used to replace that carriage and forks that weigh between 700-100 lbs. When installed, they free up more of the forklifts load capacity so it can handle larger and heavier materials. The Quick-Tach can dump materials approximately about 1.5 ft. higher because of the shorter depth of its bucket. Quick-Tach buckets are customized to specific makes & models of forklifts, so ask one of our construction equipment specialists about buckets for your make and model.

These forklift attachments are ideal for ground level work on new construction sites. They can be used for sand and gravel loading, and they can be used for moving snow in northern climates. At the end of the day, the same forklift attachment can be used for jobsite clean-up. Consider the time this saves by switching tasks without having to switch tools and risk running into overtime.

Universal Fit Bucket (slip on the forks)

Universal Fit forklift buckets are also called slip-on-the-forks forklift attachment buckets. They can be used with any make and model of extendable reach forklift, so if your unit cannot be matched with a quick tach unit, we can locate a new or used Universal Fit bucket for you instead. Standard universal fork lift buckets attach to forks that are 48″ long and up to 6″ wide, but larger fork pockets can be ordered through an account manager upon request.

Because universal fit forklift buckets slip on to the forks directly, they stay on the machine and are less vulnerable to damage. They are also 50% deeper than quick-tach buckets. This makes them ideal for carrying irregular shaped loads such as broken up concrete, elevating roof gravel, tearing off roof trash, moving large debris piles, and backfilling behind high walls.

About the Author:

Easy Rack

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Forklift Attachment Buckets

and other material handling equipment such as

Used Pallet Racks

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Permanent Link: }

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Eastern Australia hit by severe storms

Eastern Australia hit by severe storms
By mYCZNbxh On December 9th, 2017

Thursday, February 3, 2005

Australia –The whole of the east coast of Australia has been lashed by severe storms in the last 24 hours, with at least one reported death. Wind gusts in some areas reached 110 kilometers per hour, and flash flooding and power cuts were reported from Far North Queensland to Tasmania in the South.

State Emergency Services (SES) crews are stretched to the limit, working into the night to cope with the effects of the freak weather.


  • 1 Queensland
  • 2 New South Wales
  • 3 Victoria
  • 4 Tasmania
  • 5 South Australia
  • 6 See also
  • 7 References

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Taking A Closer Look In The Proposed Health Care System

By mYCZNbxh On December 8th, 2017

Get More Information Here:

Taking A Closer Look In The Proposed Health Care System


Ethan Kalvin

Health insurance has become a main subject of conversation in this country. When you start looking around there are individuals losing their employment and this indicates more uninsured American s than ever before. It’s a battle for these people to get the health care they require but will a government health care system correct these difficulties or will it generate new ones. Well, the following is a little knowledge you should be conscious of before making your conclusion on whether you’re for or in opposition to a Nationalized Health Care system.

1. Medicare is a government run health care system. Each year it covers less and charges those on the plan additional money. What was once a free medical insurance for the elderly who have paid into the system is now being supplemented through their social security monies. The addition of Medicare Part B has resulted in aged American s to have to pay out of pocket for their medical insurance services.

YouTube Preview Image

2. Discrimination is faced by those who currently utilize government health care. Government health care might appear to be a fine idea however when you look at the coverage that it is really providing individuals that are currently in the system, like those patients who have Medicare and Medicaid, it’s simple to see why providers attempt to not treat these patients. These government plans pay very little to providers which lends itself to providers deciding not to care for these patients, simply because they do not get paid as much to do so as they do with regular health insurance patients.

3. The Medicare system is running dry. It’s just a matter of time before Medicare has eliminated it’s funding. It is hard to believe this but the trouble with this system is that the people who are currently receiving the benefits paid a small amount into the system and the cost of wellness care has increased significantly since then, making it a system that does not actually support the future, but the present. Because of this, Medicare might run out of funds and might not exactly be available for future generations.

Just a look into these 3 matters can demonstrate to you that the government is not very good at managing their current health care programs and therefore American s need to be wary to think that after all this time they could possibly run an effective health care plan.

When you’re looking for

Student Health insurance

go to This site will help you in obtaining various

health insurance

for you to choose from.

Article Source:

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Wikinews interviews Great Britain men’s national wheelchair basketball player Joni Pollock

Wikinews interviews Great Britain men’s national wheelchair basketball player Joni Pollock
By mYCZNbxh On December 8th, 2017

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Homebush Bay, New South Wales — Wikinews sat down with Great Britain men’s national wheelchair basketball player Joni Pollock before a practice session at the Rollers & Gliders World Challenge in Sydney.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

British-born Pollock was born with the condition spina bifida. He explained he could walk with difficulty up until age twelve or thirteen, after which he began using a wheelchair. Shortly after this, he began playing wheelchair basketball. He attended a disabilities tournament for children with disabilities in England, where he tried both wheelchair basketball, since he came from a town where team sports were popular; and wheelchair tennis, as he’d played with an able-bodied friend. Ultimately, he chose wheelchair basketball as it was a team sport.

Wikinews asked Pollock about being loud towards his team mates during the match on July 20 between the Australian Rollers and the Great Britain Bulldogs. He said he was out of wheelchair basketball for nine months due to a pressure sore and surgery on his shoulder, and has been making a comeback since January, with the doctors and physiotherapists giving him the all-clear in April. On that night, he said, the Australian team used bullying tactics and some of his teammates on the British team didn’t step up to win the game. He also said that no matter what team his team plays against, he has a target on his back because of his calibre of playing in the game, and his team failed to to understand it that night, leaving him frustrated with his team and himself; and, he hates coming to Australia during a Paralympic year since the home town —that is, Australian— referees do not protect the visiting team from the home team’s dirty playing, which puts the British team’s gold medal prospects in jeopardy.

Wikinews also asked Pollock his opinions regarding Oscar Pistorius. Pollock believes Pistorius shouldn’t be competing in the Olympics if other Paralympic athletes can’t compete. He also mentioned reservations about certain technical aspects, such as whether Pistorius would be the same height if he still had his legs rather then his prosthetic legs. Asked about 5 point players playing in wheelchair basketball, he said he believes 5 point players can play with other point players but not in the Paralympics, and said 5 point players currently play in the domestic league but not at the elite level, to boost the number of players participating and to help the development of the game.

Wikinews also questioned him about tattoos worn by members of the British team. In previous years, he said, only one or two forwards had tattoos, but now almost everyone has one as having tattoos is currently in fashion. He said he got his first tattoo at the age of sixteen and only recently had it removed. He also has tattoos on his right arm, depicting the logos of the Paralympics and World championships in which he competed.

Pollocks’s team begins its London campaign on August 30, against the Germany men’s national wheelchair basketball team.

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One in five Americans finds socialism superior, poll says

One in five Americans finds socialism superior, poll says
By mYCZNbxh On December 8th, 2017

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Twenty percent of the American public believes that socialism is superior to capitalism, says a poll by Rasmussen Reports released on Thursday, April 9.

Asked the question “Which is a better system – capitalism or socialism?”, 53% of those polled found capitalism the better system, 20% preferred socialism, and 27% were unsure. The survey did not define either capitalism or socialism, but Rasmussen also cites a December 2008 result saying that 15% of Americans prefer a government-managed economy.

Analysis of the poll’s data by website furthermore found that support for capitalism was closely correlated with income; respondents earning under $20,000 a year having an eight percentage point preference for capitalism, while those earning more than $100,000 a year expressed a fifty-seven percentage point preference for capitalism. Rasmussen noted that socialism had much broader support among people under 30, where 33% support socialism and 37% support capitalism, than among any other age group.

Socialism has found support in several countries, with member parties of the Socialist International in government in over 50 countries around the world and with several other regimes describing themselves as socialist or communist; the 20% result Rasmussen finds is comparable to the electoral support for the New Democratic Party in Canada. Support for an independent socialist movement in the United States, however, has historically been limited. Socialist candidate Eugene V. Debs won 6.1% of the popular vote in 1912, and two members of the Socialist Party, Victor L. Berger and Meyer London, were elected to the United States Congress before the Great Depression. This brief flirtation with socialism is contrasted against the times during and following the First World War and Second World War, which were marked by “Red scares” — periods of pronounced anti-communism — in the United States.

Currently, only a single member of the United States Congress describes himself as a socialist: Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. The Social Democrats USA (SD USA), one of the successors of the Socialist Party of America, has expressed solidarity with the 76-member Congressional Progressive Caucus, which Sanders founded in 1991. It supports positions such as a living wage, universal health care, and the right of workers to form trade unions and engage in collective bargaining.

SD USA executive director Gabriel McClosky-Ross offered Wikinews an exclusive statement on the Rasmussen poll result:

I joined the Socialist Party, USA in 1972, when I was 16. That was seven months before the name change to Social Democrats, USA. I was a subscriber to the Party’s publication, New America for four years by that point. I grew up in a Catholic working class neighborhood. Many of my neighbors read the Catholic Worker. However, I would not meet another self described social democrat or democratic socialist who was close to my age until I completed college and entered the seminary when I was 21. That was not for a lack of my attempts at persuasion. Now when I speak on behalf of the Social Democrats, I meet many people who call themselves socialists or they are considering doing so.

Two things have changed. First, Stalinism in the Soviet Union finally and thankfully collapsed and The Peoples’ Republic of China is a transparently “state capitalist” regime. Second, the propaganda machine that equated private ownership of productive property with democracy is spurting under onslaught of facts that indicate just the opposite. There were two presidential elections in a row were[sic] the count look[sic] fishy and the money trail lead to the top of Republican Party. Then the banks collapsed and it was apparent that the largest financial institutions in the world were involved in sub-prime mortgage ponzi schemes.

I am not sure whether to celebrate or lament becoming an economist and union organizer instead of a priest given the current crisis. As my mentor, Michael Harrington, was fond of saying there are many kinds of socialism. Stalin, Hitler, and Mao, history’s three greatest mass murderers, all called themselves socialists. Hopefully, America is ready for a broad social democratic movement that works with trade unions and community organizations for national health care, re-industrialization, ecologically friendly mass transit, infrastructure repair, and eventually a democratization of our economy. Building such a movement will be very hard work. The cyber-world has many benefits, but people seemed to be convinced that social change can occur by email. It is great shame, that it takes 8.2% unemployment and massive economic dislocation to push people back to real time organizing and protest.

Simply that people are angry is not enough. The Bolsheviks, Fascists, and Nazis all road[sic] waves of mass discontent to power. A peoples’ movement must be militantly democratic and refuse to make common cause with even the ‘mildest and friendliest totalitarians.’ A truly democratic movement for social democracy must transcend the narrow special interest group politics that has made up most of political discourse since the protests against the Vietnam War. To transcend the current economic crisis we need a full employment economy and that means a movement concentrated on ‘red letter’ social democratic issues of democratic worker and community control of industry.

While support for socialism in the United States may be growing, Rasmussen’s polling finds that absolute majorities of the American public support both capitalism and free markets. Meanwhile, anti-communist sentiment remains strong in many segments of the US population, with opposition to socialism being a defining feature of Conservatism in the United States.

In an exclusive statement to Wikinews, John F. McManus, President of the anti-socialist John Birch Society, offered the John Birch Society’s position on the poll result:

If 20 percent of the American people prefer socialism, it is likely that half believe it has more to do with sociability that it has to do with an economic system that places government in control of their lives. Ask these 20 percent what socialism truly is and the response will rarely point to the great hero of all socialists, Karl Marx.

The John Birch Society believes that everyone is a capitalist. If one starts out defining capital as the means of production (which is its definition), then everyone — from the primitive fisherman to the corporate executive — uses capital and is a capitalist.

The distinction that most don’t make is who owns and controls the capital. Does each individual have the right to own his means of production — even a fishing pole? Or does the government own and/or control all the means of production?

When each individual has the right to own capital (property), there is freedom — up to the point where no one is permitted to impede someone else’s similar right. Where socialism reigns, the government dominates, either completely a la communism or essentially a la fascism (Nazi-style or Mussolini-style).

Most Americans are victims of an absolutely horrible educational system. Too many have been persuaded that government should take care of them. We tell such fools that, if that’s what they want, they should turn themselves in at the local prison where they will be cared for 24 hours a day. We ask them to stop advocating converting our entire nation into what effectively will be a coast-to-coast prison.

The proper role of government can never be more than the protection of the lives, liberty and property of the people who pay for it. The improper role of government is to take care of the people — which it always does poorly and does so almost always as a grab for power rather than a supposedly noble concern for the downtrodden.

Americans currently most often cite the economy as their number one concern in polls, ahead of terrorism. In December 2008, workers at the Republic Windows and Doors factory in Chicago staged a union-backed factory occupation in a fight against company management — a return to tactics of direct action from the historically more subdued American organized labor movement.

On April 10 2009, Alabama representative Spencer Bachus (R-Alabama) told the Birmingham News that seventeen members of the US House of Representatives are socialists. He did not specify which members.

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70 480 Latest Certification Tests}

By mYCZNbxh On December 7th, 2017

70-480 Latest Certification Tests


Adila Masih

Question: 1


You are validating user input by using JavaScript and regular expressions.

A group of predefined regular expressions will validate two input fields:

An email address in a function named validateEmail (for example,

A nine-digit number that allows optional hyphens after the second and fifth character in a function named validateSSN(for example, 555555555 or 555-55-5555)

You need to use the correct expression to validate the input.

Which expression should you insert into each function? (To answer, drag the appropriate regular expression statement to the correct location. Each regular expression statement may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.)


Question: 2

You are developing a customer web form that includes the following HTML.

A customer must enter a valid age in the text box prior to submitting the form.

You need to add validation to the control.

Which code segment should you use?

A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

Answer: D


Return value

A string containing the value of the element, or an array of strings if the element can have multiple values

Question: 3

You are developing a customer contact form that will be displayed on a page of a company’s website. The page collects information about the customer.

If a customer enters a value before submitting the form, it must be a valid email address.

You need to ensure that the data validation requirement is met.

What should you use?





Answer: D




Question: 4


You are developing a form that captures a user’s email address by using HTML5 and jQuery.

The form must capture the email address and return it as a query string parameter. The query string parameter must display the @ symbol that is used in the email address.

You need to implement this functionality.

How should you develop the form? (To answer, drag the appropriate code segment to the correct target or targets in the answer area. Each code segment may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.)



* The serialize() method creates a URL encoded text string by serializing form values.

You can select one or more form elements (like input and/or text area), or the form element itself.

The serialized values can be used in the URL query string when making an AJAX request.

Example: $(“form”).serialize());

* decodeURIComponent

The decodeURIComponent() function decodes a URI component.

Return Value:A String, representing the decoded URI


Not decodeURI:

decodeURI is intended for use on the full URI.

decodeURIComponent is intended to be used on .. well .. URI components that is any part that lies between separators (; / ? : @ & = + $ , #).

Reference: jQuery serialize() Method

Question: 5

You are developing an application that consumes a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service.

The application interacts with the service by using the following code. (Line numbers are included for reference only.)

You need to authenticate to the WCF service.

What should you do?

A. At line 11, add the following lines of code.

,username: yourusername

,password: yourpassword

B. At line 11, add the following line of code.

,credentials: prompt

C. At line 06, replace the code with the following line of code.

url: “


D. At line 11, add the following line of code. The username and password will be stored in an XML file.

,credentials: credentials.xml

Answer: C

Question: 6

You are developing a web page that enables customers to upload documents to a web server. The page includes an HTML5 PROGRESS element named progressBar that displays information about the status of the upload.

The page includes the following code. (Line numbers are included for reference only.)

An event handler must be attached to the request object to update the PROGRESS element on the page.

You need to ensure that the status of the upload is displayed in the progress bar.

Which line of code should you insert at line 03?

A. xhr.upload.onloadeddata =

B. xhr.upload.onplaying =

C. xhr.upload.onseeking =

D. xhr.upload.onprogress =

Answer: D


xhr.upload.onprogress = function(evt)


if (evt.lengthComputable)


var percentComplete = parseInt((evt.loaded / * 100);

console.log(“Upload: ” + percentComplete + “% complete”)




Question: 7

You are developing a customer web form that includes the following HTML.


Username: Reference: HTML required Attribute Question: 10 DRAG DROPYou are developing a web page for runners who register for a race. The page includes a slider control that allows users to enter their age.You have the following requirements:All runners must enter their age.Applications must not be accepted from runners less than 18 years of age or greater than 90 years.The slider control must be set to the average age (37) of all registered runners when the page is first displayed.You need to ensure that the slider control meets the requirements.What should you do? (To answer, drag the appropriate word or number to the correct location in the answer area. Each word or number may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.) Answer: Box 1-3: The is used for input fields that should contain a value within a range.Example Box 4-5: Use the value attribute to set the default valueBox 6: Definition and UsageThe required attribute is a boolean attribute.When present, it specifies that an input field must be filled out before submitting the form.Example Username: Reference: HTML Input Types Question: 11 You are developing an HTML5 web application that displays the current temperature whenever a button is clicked. The following code provides this functionality. When the temperature is loaded, the status property on the loader instance does not change.You need to ensure that the status property on the loader instance is updated when the temperature is loaded.Which code segment should you use to replace the Loader function? A. Option AB. Option BC. Option CD. Option D Answer: A Incorrect:not D: window.status propertyThe status property sets the text in the status bar at the bottom of the browser, or returns the previously set text. Question: 12 You are creating a class named Consultant that must inherit from the Employee class. The Consultant class must modify the inherited PayEmployee method. The Employee class is defined as follows.function Employee() {}Employee.prototype.PayEmployee = function ( ){alert(‘Hi there!’);}Future instances of Consultant must be created with the overridden method.You need to write the code to implement the Consultant class.Which code segments should you use? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.) A. Consultant.PayEmployee = function (){alert(‘Pay Consulant’);}B. Consultant.prototype.PayEmployee = function (){alert(‘Pay Consultant’);}C. function Consultant () {;}Consultant.prototype = new Employee();Consultant.prototype.constructor = Consultant;D. function Consultant() {; }Consultant.prototype.constructor = Consultant.create; Answer: B, C * Object.prototype.constructorReturns a reference to the Object function that created the instance’s prototype. Note that the value of this property is a reference to the function itself, not a string containing the function’s name. The value is only read-only for primitive values such as 1, true and “test”.* The constructor property is created together with the function as a single property of func.prototype.Reference: Object.prototype.constructor Question: 13 You are modifying an existing web page. The page is being optimized for accessibility. The current page contains the following HTML. Standards-compliant screen readers must be able to identify the links contained within the navigation structure automatically.You need to create the navigation link structure in the page.With which container tags should you wrap the existing markup? A. B.



Answer: C HTML


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Plane crash in Equatorial Guinea kills 55

Plane crash in Equatorial Guinea kills 55
By mYCZNbxh On December 7th, 2017

Sunday, July 17, 2005

An Equatair plane carrying 55 people crashed on Saturday soon after take-off near the capital of Equatorial Guinea, Malabo. Witnesses told AFP the Antonov aircraft bound for Bata suddenly caught fire and crashed in a forest near Baney, a town some 19km from the capital. “No one survived — the plane was destroyed,” said Alfonso Nsue Mokuy, the Information minister of E Guinea, after rescue teams arrived at the crash site on Sunday.

The old propeller-machine took off at about 10am local time (9am UTC) and disappeared from the radar soon after, officials said.

Flying in Africa is considerably more dangerous than in other parts of the world. While accounting for only 3% of worldwide air traffic, 27% of all fatal airplane crashes occur in Africa according to Dutch-based Aviation Safety Network. This is blamed on the chronic under-investment many airline companies on the continent suffer from.

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