My birthday treat



Today I’m off to the seaside for a day of fun with all my friends, it’s my birthday so all my friends decided to take me out for the whole day. I couldn’t wait, hardly slept a wink last night and now can’t seem to finish my breakfast.


I’m all ready to go but where are my friends, they where suppose to pick me up from my flat an hour ago. I finally received a call from them saying they are stuck in traffic but should be outside my flat in the next 10 minutes. A bit late but my birthday treat has begun, I’m so excited and can’t wait to see what they have planned for me. They told me we’re going to the seaside but nothing else was mentioned to me, like what we are going to do there or what part of the seaside we’ll be going to. There is a lot of traffic on the roads today, so our day is going a bit slow. I hate sitting in traffic, I get bored very easily but luckily I have all my friends here to entertain me. Slowly all my friends started to complaining about the traffic, what made it worse is the big Ashford removals van in front of us as its blocking our view of the road ahead. Hour later, we arrived at the seaside; it was packed so there is no parking space. The start to my birthday isn’t going to well; I just hope the rest of the day goes better.

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My birthday treat