Lawn Tractors Types. How To Pick Out The Correct Lawn Tractor?

By mYCZNbxh On March 17th, 2019

Lawn Tractors Types. How To Pick Out the Correct Lawn Tractor?


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Modern country site can diverge from hundred square meters up to more substantial areas. Thus when the site is enlarged it inevitably will take more efforts for you to look after the site. You have two options: carry on to work in an old-fashioned style using a raker, a chopper and a shovel or think about buying very helpful technical equipment as a lawn tractor.

It stands to reason that a yard tractor, even if it is a lawn tractor, requires certain open space for its function. Small holdings may sufficiently cut its efficiency and would make it look like a tiger in the cage. Medium-sized plots would also be unfriendly to a lawn tractor – owing such plots s it is more preferable to use lawn-mowers and mechanical trimmers. But if your land plot is estimated in tens hundred square metres or in hectares, it is more wiser would be to get a tractor or a lawn rider.

All lawn tractors can be divided into three groups – multipurpose, garden and compact:

Multipurpose Tractors

This sort of tractor is used on a site exceeding two hectares: either on farmhouse lands or on professional athletic fields as well as on the farmlands. The word multipurpose means that this is a very powerful tool with lots of various nozzles that go with tractor in a kit form.

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Garden Tractors

These are chiefly developed for mowing of grass, for lawn and backyard works and for snow clearance. They also come with a choice of nozzles which allow executing the following works: turning up the soil, disk harrowing, milling, harrowing and other works associated with the soil. Such tractors are suitable for work on land plots of 1-2 hectares.

Lawn Rider

These machines are utilized for grass mowing on the territories not exceeding 1 hectare and for snow clearance. As well they can optionally be equipped with brushes for sweeping paths, containers for fertilizers and chemicals as may be essential in your monthly lawn care procedures.

What mini lawn tractor can carry out for you?

One of the most important functions of a lawn tractor is grass mowing. Thus by means of any tractor it’s likely to make an exceptional lawn. To pass up collecting a mowed grass by hand, tractors prepared with particular grass storage tanks with a size up to 300 liters.

Mini lawn tractor could be used as a “ploughman” but it needs to be equipped with the plough. In the autumn this machine effectively copes with fallen leaves with the help of a special nozzle.

Lawn mini-tractor wheels are designed to carry minimal pressure on the grass in order to protect the lawn from ruining. Protectors, in their turn, provide good gripping, therefore, a tractor confidently moves both in mud and on a wet grass.

How to pick out a lawn mini-tractor?

When deciding on a particular lawn mini-tractor model the most important thing that should be taken into consideration is the character of your land plot:

– if it is a big one with lots of knolls, bushes and trees, you’ll need a more powerful model with a significant volume of petrol tank in order to keep away refueling every hour or so.

– if your plot is not that big and trees are planted close to each other, you’ll need a lawn mini-tractor with the least turning radius which is very helpful when maneuvering between trees.

It’s worth mentioning that the more the engine is powerful, the bigger is the number of attached devices your tractor can work with.

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