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Surveillance security technology has remarkably improved since last ten years and we no more have to rely on the features that were in their infancy before. The advanced features have made them an integral part to maintain the safety of masses. Moreover, now most of the people are more conscious about the safety of their family and tend to install a CCTV system that can give an alert when something suspicious happens. Sometimes the cost or the shape became the limitations that made the devices a far reach for general households, but now the affordability and the flexibility in shape and size like dome security camera can very well fit in the residential security needs. Now, you don’t have to ponder much for availing a CCTV system for your small business as simple devices with features like the high-quality picture, wireless fitting, zooming functionalities are available, that can suit the specific requirements of residential and commercial sectors effectively.

Selecting the proper vigilance device is also necessary, so here are the two latest types which can be immensely helpful. Two of the latest technological devices are IP Camera and HD camera.

Let’s zero in on the advanced features of IP camera first;

An IP camera or network camera that can transfer data through a local area network (LAN) with Fast Ethernet link. Mostly used for surveillance cameras and the internally is network connected with many other cameras.

Benefits of IP cameras as compared to analog cameras:

Remote usability from arbitrary location


Digital zoom

Facilitated to send images and video to anyplace with access to the internet

Advanced scanning functionality enables high-quality pictures taken from the video.

Flexible frame rates and high resolution to suffice the particular needs.

Two-way communication

The best part is the inbuilt function to send signals or alerts on detection of any suspicious action.

Less need for cabling

Now let’s pan in on the features and benefits of HD cameras.

HD camera is also called HD CCTV camera and has the ability to capture high definition video footage till 1080p resolution. This device can be fitting for surveillance system requirements as HD pictures may lessen the need of the features present in IP video. For integrating an HD analog camera in your present security CCTV set, you have to use an HD DVR or Digital Video Recorder for managing the HD video files.

Analog technology has been popular in this industry nearly for 30 years, providing the users’ safety even while they are away from the location. The advanced HD technology enables you to have the best images along with regular coax cabling, DVR and can be added as an improvement to your existing CCTV system.

Benefits of HD analog cameras:


Easy installation

Easy up-gradation to the existing CCTV system

16.9 HD aspect ratio, much better than compared to simple CCTV cameras being 5:4

It’s quite a tricky task to decide whether which of the devices can be perfect for you. For, both the devices have distinct advantages that can improve the safety and security, though it completely remains on the requirement type, which one you should opt for.

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