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byAlma Abell

As if relocating to a new home wasn’t an emotionally challenging experience already, hiring the services of a bad moving team can add to the stress, hassle and costs of the move. Get it right by looking for a better one out of the moving companies in Oak Park IL. Here’s how:

Prepare a moving inventory

A reputable moving company will always take an inventory of all your belongings. That’s why preparing a list can help speed things up. However, expect the estimator to go over all the items on the list with a walkthrough. If the estimator doesn’t or isn’t as thorough as s/he should be, that could be a marker for a less than stellar service.

Don’t pay a huge deposit

It’s normal for some moving companies to charge a deposit for the move. But if the fees are about 20 percent of the total bill or more, be wary, says Moving. You might be falling for a scam. Look elsewhere.

Get references

Don’t be afraid to request for references. Companies that are proud of the work they do and the service levels they provide will have that list ready in no time. That’s a good indication that you’re hiring the right one.

Call those numbers

Don’t consign those references to your desk drawer, though. Put them to good use. Call the numbers up. Reach out to previous clients and ask them about their moving experience with the firm. Will they recommend the company or use its services again? This gives you good insight into whether you’ve found the right moving team or not.

Consider quality

Delayed, destroyed or lost belongings – that’s the kind of service you can expect if you hire cheap. By choosing reputable moving companies in Oak Park IL, you can count on a professional and trustworthy team to demonstrate excellent handling practices and standards.