Flexible Ductwork for High Velocity (HVAC) Air Cooling Systems


Nell Cotton.

In many climates, the reason for discomfort at home in the summer has as much to do with humidity as with heat. For this reason, an air conditioning system that uses the aspiration method cools and comforts more completely and efficiently than a conventional air conditioning unit. Higher efficiency HVAC systems operate for a lower cost, and with flexible duct work, can be installed in your home with less stress and lower cost than systems requiring home renovations.

What is the aspiration method?

Aspiration means that high velocity air is vented strategically through a home so that, by mixing with the air already in that space, the home cools. This differs from a conventional unit, which simply blasts cooled air in one direction at a lower rate, cooling only the air within a small reach (depending on the unit\’s BTUs).

High velocity air being circulated through an HVAC system running on aspiration will cool a home with higher efficiency, costing less over time than a traditional air conditioning unit. An even greater benefit is that it\’s easier to install than traditional cooling units, which means less money and stress for homeowners not seeking to renovate.


Yet another benefit to installing a system that utilizes the aspiration method of cooling is that the air in your home will be dryer as well as cooler, which will eliminate the uncomfortable humidity that often makes even a warm day uncomfortable.

How can a high velocity HVAC system be installed with little or no renovation?

Because installation of a high velocity HVAC system can be completed with smaller, more flexible duct work, renovation may not even be necessary in most homes, even those with tight spaces between the interior and exterior walls.

When it comes time to install your home\’s new high velocity air conditioning duct work, ECI Comfort will develop a personalized layout that will maximize the way your home is built so that you don\’t have to make large scale (or perhaps any) changes to the structure of your home.

What about the cost?

High velocity air conditioning systems with flexible duct work cools the air in your home more efficiently than other, more traditional systems, which means a lower cost in the long run. Because it cools the air more quickly by moving that air at a higher rate, the system doesn\’t need to run as long as a more traditional air cooling unit, thus costing less in terms of energy usage and money.

Because of its efficiency, a high velocity HVAC system will also be more environmentally sound, while still offering you and your family the cool, dry comfort you deserve during the warmest months of the year.

The cost of installation will vary based on your needs and the pre-existing structure of your home. However, if you are already conducting renovations, there is no better time to install a new system as this will allow for even more flexibility in the mini air duct installation.

Whether you are looking for a mini duct design company or Lennox air conditioner repairs or air conditioner service in Lower Makefield, ECI Comfort will help you reach a balance in your home between cost and comfort.

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