Facts About Payday Loans And Credit Score


Devora Witts

Everybody knows that payday loans and cash advance loans are probably two of the few financial products that do not require credit verifications to qualify for them. Though credit has little to do with the qualification process of payday loans and cash advance loans, there are still interactions between these loan products and your credit score and history. It is very important to know them if you are interested in keeping a healthy financial life.

These interactions may have nothing to do with approval but have implications on the qualification process of other financial products like credit cards, personal loans and even secured loans like home mortgage loans or home equity loans. So, as you can see, it is important for you to know them because your future financial life can depend on the use you give to these loans and their relation with your credit score.

Positive Interaction For Raising Credit Score


It may sound strange but even though payday loans are meant only for an emergency situation, they can be a great tool for recovering your credit if used properly. Since most of the lenders that provide this kind of loans report to all major credit bureaus, it is possible to obtain one of these loans that do not require credit checks and take advantage of the fact that the lenders report to credit bureaus to get positive inputs on your credit history.

Even though the approval of the loan will not have implications on your credit report because no credit checks are made, the timely repayment of the loan will be recorded into your credit history and thus, a positive entry will be added to your credit report. However, bear in mind that payday loans do not have long repayment programs and thus, a single or two entries will be reported during the repayment of a payday loan. Personal loans with longer repayment programs are far better for this purpose, however, you may need to request a few payday loans before you can get approved for a personal loan if your credit score is not that good.

Negative Effects On Credit Score

There are some reasons why payday loans can affect credit score negatively. The mere fact of getting a payday loan will not affect your credit score but if debt keeps accumulating it will affect your debt to income ratio which will, in turn, affect your credit negatively. Thus, you should avoid using payday loans as a common source of financing because that is the main reason why debt accumulates: people fail to raise the money to repay a loan and so, they take another loan to repay the previous one.

Also, payday loan lenders report to credit bureaus, as explained above, and if the timely repayment of the loan gets recorded into your credit report as a positive entry, the lack of payment, or late payment will also be recorded into your credit report but it will affect your credit score negatively. As you can see, just applying for a payday loan will not affect your credit but what you do with it and how you repay it can have either positive or negative effects. Thus, be careful.

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