Ecuador Travel: Bahia De Caraquez, Eco City}

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Ecuador travel: Bahia de Caraquez, eco-city


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Travelers looking for laid-back atmosphere and relaxation on beautiful sandy beaches will revel in staying in the quaint coastal resort of Bahia de Caraquez, located on the southern shore of Ecuador. Boasting an attractive riverfront sprinkled with lovely parks, as well as excellent beaches all around, Bahia is also an excellent starting point for excursions in Ecuadors lowlands.

With various projects such as recycling, organic gardens and eco-clubs, Bahia de Caraquez has declared itself an eco-city. However, Bahia is also a center of the less ecologically friendly shrimp farming industry which has destroyed some of the regions precious mangrove.

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Although the presence of the industry has boosted economic development and transformed Bahia, making it tourist-friendly with new infrastructure, it is also putting a real strain on its environment. So hurry up if you want to take advantage of this towns marvelous surroundings before its too late. Alternative methods are being experimented to reduce the impact of the shrimp industry, and Bahia now boasts the first organic shrimp farm in the world.

With its relaxed ambience and friendly people, Bahia de Caraquez is a pleasant city to explore. Although there isnt much to see in town, there are a few noteworthy sites, such as: the Museo Bahia de Caraquez featuring a interesting collection of artifacts from pre-hispanic coastal cultures; Casa Velazquez, one of the last and finest example of the refined coastal architecture of the beginning of the 20th century; and Casa de la Cultura, housing frequent exhibits and a library.

Bahia is often used by travelers as a base for excursions in the region, which offers countless opportunities for wildlife watching as well as spectacular scenery. Boasting several islands with mangrove forest, the Rio Chone estuary has a rich wildlife, including various species of birds, dolphins, which can be seen from up close, ideal for photography.

15 minutes away from Bahia by boat, Isla Fragatas is home to several interesting species of birds. Continue on towards Isla Corazon, which also has many bird colonies which can only be accessed by boat. Another notable destination is the village of Puerto Portovelo, whose community is involved in the preservation of mangrove forest and runs an ecotourism project.

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Ecuador travel: Bahia de Caraquez, eco-city

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