Creative Uses for a Handheld GPS System


Phoenix Delray

Sure, when most people think of a handheld GPS system, they think of their car, maybe of using one for two family cars and moving it from one car to the other as they need it. But there are many other uses for a handheld GPS that range from the surprisingly practical to the downright silly.

One of the first places the general public started seeing the handheld units was on the television show The Amazing Race, when contestants were required to operate a handheld GPS to find a location on a remote glacier and dig for their next clue. The units were also used on another game show in which the participants had to use coordinates to determine the location of a treasure chest. While fun to watch, it also brings to mind other ways in which a GPS would assist someone who was on foot.


For example, those who own large amounts of acreage sometimes need to be able to locate the property markers bounding their land. This could be because they need to build a fence, or just to ensure that a neighbor is not mistakenly encroaching on their property. With larger pieces of land, a handheld GPS can mean the difference between spending all weekend looking for that property marker or spending a couple of hours because the approximate location is narrowed down for them.

Another use on foot for this type of system is during long camping or hiking trips. It is handy to be able to pinpoint your location in case of emergency, and a cellular phone will not be operative in the wilderness. You may also be communicating with fellow campers, hikers, or climbers, and need to describe where you are in a way that does not include the phrase that tree over there.

What about for dogs? Hunting dogs can wear a transmitter that allows their owner to find them easily on an expedition, or maybe your dog just gets out of the yard a lot and you are tired of driving up and down every street in the neighborhood looking for him. Whatever the reason, the canine transmitter for your handheld GPS is available for purchase.

The great thing about these portable units is that there is no incorrect use for them. Even the mundane purpose of being able to share a unit between two cars is a great way to use your handheld GPS system.

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