All Success Lies In Your Ability To Live Between A World Of Facts And A World Of Faith

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By Ryan Letterman

With the world’s economy in the tank, companies bankrupt, ,homes undergoing foreclosure proceedings and millions of people out of work with no end in sight, success becomes an interesting, if abstract, concept. Whatever could be out there waiting for you in the form of success? If there is something there, what are the barriers between you and achieving success?

Dwelling in a World of Faith

It was Bishop E. Bernard Jordan who perhaps best answered the question, “What does it take to succeed?” He explains that the true secret to success lies in our ability to live between a world of facts and a world of faith.

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As men and women of the world, we live in a sea of facts. There are things that are done, and things that are not done. There are things that are possible, and things that are not possible. There are facts, and then there is fiction, and in this world of facts there is only so much a man may achieve.

One of the problems with living with facts that is hard to grasp for many is that our culture considers there to be an algorithm for everything in the natural world… You invest your money, it will grow. You graduate from college; you will land a job paying you a comfortable salary. You spend years and years learning the corporate culture and climbing the ladder to the top echelons of the corporation, and you will reach the pinnacle, but not without sacrifice.

What is the maximum sacrifice you will make toward your success? If you were walking in a world of faith, you would know the question is not about sacrifice. It is about how to achieve success while simultaneously enjoying the things in life you most value. It is about the things in life that bear no price tag, like spending time with people you love and watching your children grow instead of dwelling between cement walls 12 hours a day surrounded by people, some of whom you don’t know and some you really don’t care to know.

In faith, the barrier standing between you and everything in life you care about is your imagination and the belief in yourself that you can make it happen.

“Life is full of tough decisions,” states Jordan. “Some people go through life pleased that the glass is half full; others spend a lifetime lamenting that it’s half-empty. The truth is there is a glass with a certain volume of liquid in it. From there, it’s up to you! Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Think about it. Are you living totally in a world of facts that are stifling your imagination, or are you freeing your imagination and living in a world of faith in yourself, in success and in your future? Finding the center between these two places will help you to always stay on the right path and find the road to true prosperity in everything that you do.

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Cash Loans For People On Benefits A Miracle Cash Help To Meet Vital Needs

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If your financial condition is very low and can not expect to borrow money due to your physically or mentally ill as lenders do not take responsibility to lend money in such a situation, however you do not need to worry because you have a great resort of cash loans for people on benefits. If your financial condition is very low and can not expect to borrow money due to your physically or mentally ill as lenders do not take responsibility to lend money in such a situation, however you do not need to worry because you have a great resort of cash loans for people on benefits. These loans are very handy to assist you in your troublesome period.

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Stockholm Sweden Travel Guide}

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Stockholm Sweden Travel Guide


Ms. Lewis

Stockholm: An Introduction

Elegant and intriguing”this is Stockholm, one of the most famous cities in Sweden. It is the center of fashion, commerce, and politics. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and the home of the Swedish monarch as well as the Swedish Parliament.

History of Stockholm

Stockholms history dates back to the 1500s, when the first record of the city was found. Early Stockholm was a center for the iron trade. The citys name is thought to be derived from the small islet on the center of the city and is believed to be founded by Birger Jarl. The city rose to prominence with the start of the trade of the Hanseatic League and when it started forging strong economic linkages with neighboring trading outputs. The citys population, however, did not reach unprecedented growth until after the Stockholm Bloodbath in 1600. By the 1700s, Stockholm had grown into a major European power.

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Popular events and attractions in Stockholm

Stockholm is popular among tourists for its Scandinavian architecture, fairy tale towers interspersed in a modern jungle along with contemporary buildings of glass and steel. The Old Stockholm is carefully preserved in the citys Old Quarter in Gamla Stan. Nights in Stockholm are made more magical by the lights in the citys waterways. Most attractions sit on the heart of the inner city, where the best shopping outlets and residences of Stockholms rich are located. Gamla Stan is located in the southern inner city. Here you can find the Swedish Royal Palace and the Swedish Parliament.

From popular beach events and casual strolls beside the famous Stockholm waterways to stops at the citys quaint or modern restaurants and bars, visitors of Stockholm will not run out of things to do. Stockholm is the center for food, fashion, and entertainment, as well as cultural attractions such as the Maria Magdalene Church for a brief spell of rejuvenation, or World Heritage Sites like the Royal Palace Drottningholm, Birka and Hovgrden Viking-Age trading sites, as well as the Skogskyrkogrden (woodland cemetery). Specialty food places such as vegetarian restaurants are establishments that one should never miss on a visit to the Stockholm.

Peak tourist season in Stockholm

The peak tourist season in Stockholm occurs from mid-May to mid-September. Planning for a trip to Stockholm, including flights, air travel, and accommodations for hotels is essential, simply because Stockholm is one of the most expensive cities in Sweden. If you want to visit the city during the tourist seasons, book your flights and travel accommodations well in advance to avoid running out of accommodation options. You can also opt to go during the off-peak seasons, where air travel rates and hotel accommodation rates are lower. Tourists are also minimal during the off-peak seasons, so you have a better chance of having the city all to yourself, minus the crowd of people.

Accommodations in Stockholm hotels

You have a variety of choices for accommodations in Stockholm. Despite the expense, Stockholm is also friendly to backpacking travelers. Swedish hostels abound in the city, with prices for a room a fraction of what a hotel will cost.

Food and restaurants to offer the best of Swedish cuisine

Swedish cuisine is distinctive because of various regional differences. Dishes in the far-north are famous for their deer and game dishes, while the cuisine in the South typically features dishes with fresh vegetables. Swedish food is typically centered on dairy products and vegetables. Potatoes are a popular side dish in most Swedish food. Swedish restaurants traditionally serve cuisines that are heavily influenced by the French. Must-visit Swedish restaurants are those that arefamous for their class, elegance, and multi-awarded chefs. There also restaurants that double as a bar and beerhouse and offer affordable prices.

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Enjoy Fabulous Views And Amazing Ski Runs In The Rockies}

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Enjoy Fabulous Views and Amazing Ski Runs in the Rockies


Roberto Bell

Everyone knows Colorado is a skier’s paradise. With the Rocky Mountains marching through the middle of the state, there are fabulous views and amazing ski runs and fun winter sports to be found all over. How do you pick one area among many? Why don’t you try the one known as “Colorado’s Favorite Resort”? That would be Winter Park, Colorado. If you enjoy a vacation filled with plenty of options for fun both day and night, for folks of all ages, then you should start planning your trip today. What’s the best way to start? By finding your Winter Park vacation rental at What makes Winter Park so special? First of all, it’s easily accessible–just 70 miles from Denver. Secondly, it’s in gorgeous country, poised just south of Rocky Mountain National Park and near the Arapahoe National Forest. But mostly, it’s the snow. Winter Park gets the most snow of all Colorado’s ski areas, averaging 369 inches each year! Five distinct mountains here offer an incredibly varied landscape. You can check out the exact size and location of the Winter Park Colorado lodging on our website to find the place just right for you. Maybe you’d enjoy a Winter Park condo right by the ski slopes, so you can be the first one out and last one in every day. Or perhaps you’d like to check out Winter Park hotels, possibly finding one right in town so you can enjoy the nightlife as well. If you’d like to plan a getaway for a large group of family and friends, we also offer accommodations with many bedrooms.

Families often enjoy a vacation to Winter Park. There is always something to do! Choosing Winter Park Colorado lodging with a kitchen can be quite convenient when traveling with children. There is always something available for a late-night snack, and it’s simple to make a cup of hot chocolate to help warm someone up after a day in the bracing mountain air. You may also value the privacy of a Winter Park condo or vacation home, for quieter evenings or to accommodate earlier bedtimes. We’ll help you find Winter Park Colorado lodging that fits your needs.

If you feel like eating out, you will have many options as well. Winter Park has a number of fine restaurants, serving a variety of food choices. Try visiting the New Village, the heart of Winter Park, with coffee shops, restaurants, and shopping. Many Winter Park hotels offer easy access to all that town has to offer.

The area is a lot quieter outside of ski season, but it still offers incredible hiking and fishing opportunities and is a favorite summer destination for many. Mountain biking and golf can also be done nearby, all high in the splendor of the Rockies. Perhaps you’ll choose a Winter Park vacation rental right on the mountainside, so you can find trails to explore just outside your door.

When you’re ready to find out for yourself just why this is Colorado’s Favorite Resort, start planning your trip at Our easily navigated website lets you sort choices by size or type or amenities offered. You can search for a Winter Park condo or among Winter Park hotels. Whatever you seek, you’re sure to find the Winter Park vacation rentals just right for you at

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Enjoy Fabulous Views and Amazing Ski Runs in the Rockies


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Enjoy Fabulous Views and Amazing Ski Runs in the Rockies }