Auer Tremendous Chocolatier From Geneva}

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AuerTremendous Chocolatier From Geneva


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Auer has grew to become luxury master chocolatiers since their starting in 1939 in Geneva. The organization has been within the family and is now in the fifth generation of chocolate creators. Today Auers is a meeting location for gourmets and offers a massive variety of luxury products.

The master chocolatiers are connected with being among the very best and exclusively use the optimum of substances which includes high cacao content and alcohol into their cream fillings. One of the expertise they offer is the Pave Glace of Geneva, a great chocolate that was developed in 1940 by Henri Auer. Our grand favorite is the Amandes Princesse, imagine roaste caramelised almonds with a milk couverture dipped in a cacao powder, they’re basically devine! But all of the specialties are homemade in the customs of the family. A professional team work by hand and purely comply with recipes of Mr. Henri Auer to make sure the quality and also the taste continues to be same.

The Auer confectionary organization commenced life with Henri Auer who came from a backdrop of confectioners. He opened his first shop on the Rue de Rive and from the very start it was an enormous success. It was thanks to his wifes advice that Claude Auer who took over in 1967 and perpetuated the tradition of the Pave de Geneva, an amazing chocolate with the fantastic iced taste which has been imitated but never matched up. He equally renewed the laboratories moving them from rue de Rive to the Route des Acacias, where they remain right now.In 1997, son Philippe took over with eagerness the household custom. In 2007, Philippe Auer was granted the prize of the most effective chocolate maker in Geneva, a wonderful distinction indeed.

Producing excellent luxury candy uses a great deal of time and persistence. This method begins with the manual preparing of the chocolate paste that is carried out every morning and this stage is 1 of the most crucial in determining the achievements of the levels of coating the pralines. As soon as the chocolate has heated to the perfect temperature the coating process may start. Chocolates are carefully laid out on a grill and a couple of seconds are needed to cool down the coating, at a precise moment the chocolates are rolled, utilizing an unique fork and it’s this process that makes certain the product acquires all of its qualities. The result of this method is luxury chocolates of the highest quality.

These days the luxury confectionary of Auer for example the hand made fresh truffles and selections of luring chocolates may possibly be bought within the shop and around the globe in as far as India.

The chocolates are nicely arranged in amazing cloth covered boxes. Chocolates may also be purchased on the internet and although the image of the chocolatier has been updated in line with some of the much larger establishments the old strategies of hand making the chocolates stay.

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AuerTremendous Chocolatier From Geneva