A Peek at A Few of the Most Well-liked Color Choices for Cars


Stelle Courney

People may not notice but a car\’s color impacts its sale. In fact, the colors of cars being marketed in a showroom can affect the car dealership\’s sale as a whole. Therefore, car dealers monitor the trend in car colors on the market and shape their business strategies as necessary. According to studies, color influences the behavior of car buyers. It is as if color equates the importance of mechanical features. There are several reasons automobile experts cited for this trend.

In the recent survey by DuPont on the world\’s most popular colors used in cars, white appears to be the world\’s most preferred. It bests black and silver, which ranked second and third respectively. These neutrals comprise around 60 percent of the number of vehicles manufactured and sold around the world. Remarkably, they remain ahead and higher to brighter colors since the beginning of the automobile industry.

The reasons vary based on the buyers\’ opinion. Some buyers assume white is a safe color. One can securely drive a white automobile at night on an asphalt road. Its natural brightness does not call for lighting to be seen, and thus reduces risks of road accidents. Car dealers selling both brand new and used cars in famous cities like Toronto make a very value of sales from white cars in a different shades, like pearl white.


Although not ideal when thinking of vehicle safety, black continues to be a popular car color of choice. Its sophistication disguises the old look of

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and enhances their resale value even before restoration. Black is a typical color for high end vehicles, gaining 40 percent share on the market. It is the most outstanding car color in Europe and beats white and silver. However, black cannot hide stain and grime like other colors do. Because of this, some car buyers, especially in the countryside where they use off-road vehicles for arduous field work, avoid it.

Alternatively, car buyers who choose difference to get others\’ attention often choose magenta, lime, and purple cars. These are not as common as the neutrals, which is why they can be easily spotted in a road full of neutral-colored brand new and

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dealers sell.

Car buyers who can deal with stain and grime often consider brown and green

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. These colors blend with the landscapes alongside roads, specifically in the countryside. Brown conceals dust, while green gives a refreshing exterior for the car.

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